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Welcome to our free property appraisal service. Have you ever wondered what your property might be worth against todays current market? Campbell Realty will provide an onsite property appraisal to ensure all aspects of the property are considered when ascertaining a sale price range. During an inspection a Comparative Market Analysis report will be provided. Some people assume that these reports are only completed free for houses for sale. While houses for sale is the most common purpose for these reports, an up to date appraisal is always useful. Before meeting onsite, we will have usually sent an initial approximate property appraisal to you via email, so you are up to speed with whats involved.


Many agents, even owners, can do their own online valuations using many different websites however, be careful of inaccurate appraisals, as these sites are using general information for the area and your property.  A simple example of an inaccurate appraisal is any recent extensions or renovations may not be considered in the true appraisal of the property. Even something as simple as the websites providing your property information not being updated can play a large part in false appraisals.


Our Comparative Market Analysis report will give you the surrounding houses for sale data for recent homes sold and 4 other reports listed below.

Included In The Report

  • Median Area Sale Prices

  • Suburb Sales Growth

  • Nearby Properties For Sale

  • Peak Selling Periods

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